Start Date:

September 25-27, 2023



3 days + warm up and follow up



University of Parma


Course Aim:

The intensive course will allow PhD students to participate in a training course held by the most renown leaders in the food authenticity field.

The program will follow a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, allowing the students to acquire a proactive vision rooted into the scenario analysis, horizon scanning, and supply chain mapping.  

The participants will acquire knowledge, skills and tools to fight against food fraud in the industrial environment, also considering the impact of the socio-economic drivers and the climate change on the global food system.  
The course will bring together the most advanced technical skills from STEM and the methodological approach from social sciences, also considering the major certification schemes. Particular attention will be paid to communication to consumers.  


The PhD School is structured in 3 phases as follow:

         1. a first online warm-up. During this phase, from 4 to 22 September2023, a miscellany of material will be proposed (articles, videos, case studies, etc.) to focus the attention on various issues related to the school topic. In addition to recorded lessons, participants will be exposed to training material aimed at honing basic skills necessary to take part in the second phase.

         2. a second phase of 3 days, in presence, from 25 to 27 September 2023. This phase will include lectures, followed by experiential and role playing activities. The involvement of foreign professors, or of Italian ones working abroad, will allow a broader overview of the state of the art in Europe and in the international context;

         3. a third follow up phase by remote, from 2 to 20 October 2023, to conclude and consolidate the notions assimilated during the School.


As part of the programme the students, divided in groups, will be also involved in a labour-intensive competition designed and coordinated by Prof. Chiara Dall'Asta which will end in an online presentation of the projects and the results of the group work during the follow-up phase.


The PhD School will be activated in the event of reaching minimum 10 participants.


The enrolment fee for participants is partially covered by the funds obtained within the “High-level training projects in the technological, economic and cultural field for a European region of knowledge and attractiveness” presented under the invitation referred to in DGR 1200/2021 - resolution transmission Regional Council n.1625 / 2021 and managerial determination n.19459 / 2021 of the Emilia-Romagna Region.  


Participants will be required to contribute a 100,00 € fee. For candidates belonging to the University of Parma, participation will be free of any further charge.



To apply, fill out the form below from 26 April 2023 until 12 a.m. (Italian time) of 2 June 2023


Find all the details in the call


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Faculty Members:

Prof. Chiara Dall'Asta

Department of Food and Drugs

Personal page

Prof. Daniele Del Rio

Department of Food and Drugs

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Prof. Michele Suman

Facoltà di Scienze Agrarie, Alimentari e Ambientali - University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

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Prof. Barbara Prandi

Department of Food and Drugs

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